Winner | Creative Nature Photography

Prathamesh Vinod Ghadeka

Winner | Creative Nature Photography

Ajoba Parvat, Maharashtra

Northern Lights

The spores of a bracket fungus (Polypores) create a vast spectrum of colours when lit from an angle. The photographer came across fungi growing on a dead tree log and was amazed by the colours his flashlight picked up. Over two nights, with the wind and the speed of spore release occasionally combining in his favour, he was able to create the image he had previsualised. The photographer flipped the image horizontally to create a wide frame that looked like a landscape shot of Stonehenge-like structures against a gorgeous night sky decorated by the Northern Lights.

Prathamesh Vinod Ghadekar

Prathamesh Ghadekar is a nature and wildlife photographer with a keen interest in macro subjects. He loves to photograph his subjects creatively while documenting their lesser-known behavioural aspects. He has won several national and international awards in wildlife photography and his images have been published in various international magazines as well.