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Youth Call For Action From The PMO To Stop EIA 2020

The campaign led by 20-year-old environmentalist Anjali Dalmia wants the new EIA (Environment Impact Assessment) Notification draft to be rewritten

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Over 60 student unions and 400 individual students have risen in solidarity with the #StopEIA2020 campaign, led by 20-year-old environmentalist Anjali Dalmia. The student-initiated, student-led and student-run movement has garnered the attention of the national media, with dozens of articles already published in the press and on online platforms.

On 25 June 2020, various student unions and individuals sent an email to the Honourable Union Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Shri Prakash Javadekar, and other government environment departments around the country.

The youth have now turned to the Honourable Prime Minister through an email and several grievance reports that they sent on 28 June 2020. They have drawn inspiration from the Prime Minister’s regular Mann Ki Baat address this Sunday, in which he stressed the need for environment and water conservation, and they hope to be heard.

Their reason for drafting an email to the Prime Minister’s Office arises from the disappointment in the lack of a response from the MoEFFC and Shri Prakash Javadekar. Although the movement has seen exceptional solidarity amongst students and has received great coverage from the media, the urgency of the movement remains, as the date for the deadline to submit public opinion draws closer (30th June).

On the evening of 28 June, the student unions, clubs, and individuals also joined hands in a tweetstorm on Twitter. The youth tweeted to the PMO and MoEFCC to respond to their email, withdraw the EIA 2020 draft, and rewrite it according to expert recommendations. Along with this, they call for the revision process of the EIA to be made more transparent by disclosing all public suggestions and reasons for accepting/rejecting recommendations.

A recent survey published by the Times of India revealed that around 90% of health care workers in the country were against coal mining due to the severe air pollution and respiratory ailments that are caused by the burning of coal. Mining is one of the activities that will only become more widespread with the new EIA amendment as the validity for environmental clearances has increased for the industry. These results point to one of the many pieces of evidence that environmental protection must be prioritised over hasty decisions for economic growth.

As members of society who will be most affected by these decisions and as voices of the future, the youth of India wish to be heard and included in policymaking discussions to lead towards a Green India.

To send in your objection via email, click here.

Cover image by Kalyan Varma, for representation only.

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