Who We Are

Nature inFocus Productions aims to create films that bring together the different threads of natural history, biodiversity and wildlife conservation. We aspire to produce the quintessential blue-chip nature documentaries, and at the same time, experiment with creating video content in various formats and styles. With the founding team priding themselves with over 15 years of on-field film production experience, we are in a unique position to produce stories that are incisive, insightful, beautiful and environmentally responsible. Our work has taken us to the farthest reaches of the country, bringing us closer to field staff, forest guards, researchers, ecologists and conservationists. The relationships we build gives us the access and privilege to be the voice for the dogged conservation efforts that are happening on the ground.

Very simply, we put nature in focus.


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The Team

Rohit Varma

Co-founder - Nature inFocus

Rohit Varma: Co-founder - Nature inFocus

Rohit Varma is the co-founder of Nature inFocus - a platform for natural world storytellers and an annual festival that brings together the wildlife community. A marketeer by profession, Rohit is passionate about wildlife photography and conservation. He is keen on wildlife filmmaking and was a part of the team that made the short film ‘Mysteries of Monsoon’ - the first film under the Nature inFocus Productions banner that he started. A natural history film called 'Wild Tamil Nadu' will be produced under the same banner.

Kalyan Varma

Co-founder - Nature inFocus

Kalyan Varma: Co-founder - Nature inFocus

Kalyan Varma is a wildlife photographer, filmmaker, naturalist and explorer specialising in environmental issues in India. He is one of the founders of Nature inFocus. For the last 15 years, Kalyan has worked on many landmark blue chip wildlife series for the BBC Natural History Unit, National Geographic Channel and other independent production companies like Icon Films, Tigress Productions and Off the Fence. He has played various roles including director of photography, assistant producer, photographer, researcher, sound recordist and fixer for national and international productions. Some of the films he has worked on are Wild Karnataka, BBC Wild Cats, BBC India: Nature’s Wonderland, Secrets of Wild India, etc. Kalyan freelances with many of the world's leading magazines, environmental NGOs and television networks and his work has appeared in many publications worldwide, including National Geographic, Nature, The Guardian, BBC Wildlife, GEO, Smithsonian, Lonely Planet and other magazines.

Radha Rangarajan

Editor - Nature inFocus

Radha Rangarajan: Editor - Nature inFocus

Radha Rangarajan is the Editor at Nature inFocus. She is an environmental photographer and a published writer who has a keen interest in natural history and conservation filmmaking. She is part of the team that scripted and filmed the short film Crabs of Karwar, which went on to be screened at film festivals in India and abroad. She was also an additional camerawoman for Wild Karnataka, a 4K blue chip film.

Deepali Shetty

Business Development Director - Nature inFocus

Business Development Director - Nature inFocus

Deepali Shetty is the Business Development Director at Nature inFocus. She has a rich experience of sales and client relationship management across multiple industries. Her work revolves around driving new business, brand collaborations, strategic partnerships, overseeing campaigns and their performance and managing client stakeholder requirements. She loves being out in the wilderness and is partial to the oceans, with scuba diving being one of her favourite ways to explore the world underwater.

Pooja Rathod

Wildlife Camerawoman

Pooja Rathod: Wildlife Camerawoman

Pooja Rathod is a marine biologist turned wildlife filmmaker with a deep interest in natural history documentation of all things terrestrial and marine. She has technical expertise in long lens sequence building (Varicam 35 + Canon CN20), drone operation (DJI Inspire 2) and underwater filming (own camera housing). Pooja began by working as a naturalist, conducting wildlife camps for children, before going on to do a Masters degree in Wildlife Biology and Conservation, as a part of which she spent three years in the Lakshadweep Islands in the Indian Ocean studying how global warming affects coral reef recovery. She has deep knowledge about species behaviour and ecosystem functioning. Her first filming project was as a primary camerawoman for a ten-part series on Indian wildlife called Off the Fence. Pooja also runs Know Your Fish, an ocean-friendly initiative that helps consumers refer to a calendar to choose their seafood responsibly, based on fish breeding cycles. You can see more about her work on www.poojarathod.com