A Dream of Trees

A Dream of Trees, a film by Evanescence Studios, tells the story of the ecological restoration of degraded tropical rainforests in the Anamalai Hills of the Western Ghats, India.

Tropical rainforests are complex ecosystems, home to numerous plants and animals that are intricately connected to each other. The film follows the work of two scientists of the Nature Conservation Foundation, Divya Mudappa and TR Shankar Raman, from 2001, as they work with their team to restore degraded patches of rainforest in the Anamalai Hills in partnership with tea and coffee plantation companies. It speaks of the extraordinary values of rainforests and how restoration helps revive forests, bring back wildlife and pull carbon down from the atmosphere in a time of climate crisis.

An instructive story of challenge, limitation, and hope, A Dream of Trees is also an inspiring tale of restoration, of reviving the connections between plants and animals, and between people and rainforests in a shared landscape.

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