Runner-up | Wildscape & Animals in Their Habitat

Yashpal Rathore,
Aggal Sivalingam

Runner-up | Wildscape & Animals in Their Habitat

Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu

Pride Rock

An adult leopard makes a brief appearance at dawn to trigger a camera trap on a high boulder in the Nilgiris. Photographed with the help of professional wildlife guide and photographer, Aggal Sivalingam, the image showcases a big cat in its natural habitat and sharing space with humans.

Yashpal Rathore

Yashpal Rathore is a Bangalore-based photographer and an electrical engineer. His work has been published widely in national and international publications and his photographs have won accolades in various competitions across the globe. Over the last few years, Yashpal has been using remote camera setups to document species which have not been well-represented, including smaller nocturnal mammals.

Aggal Sivalingam

Aggal Sivalingam is a wildlife photographer and guide who knows the wilderness of the Nilgiris like the back of his hand. He has assisted several photographers in spotting wildlife in the vicinity, especially leopards, and capturing picture-perfect frames. Aggal is also a birder and regularly conducts birding tours in the region.


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