Cool trivia, insightful photo features and expert observations from the field – take a deep dive into the wonders of the animal kingdom.



An all-encompassing view of India's wilderness where we bring to light issues, solutions and changemakers.



From comprehensive travel guides to eco-friendly stay recommendations, this is your one-stop destination to plan a trip into India's wilderness.


The Restoration Notebook

The Restoration Notebook is an initiative by Ecological Restoration Alliance-India and Nature inFocus to shed light on the dedicated efforts of restoration practitioners, ecologists and organisations across different ecoregions in the country


Western Ghats On The Edge

A documentary mini-series on the stunning biodiversity of the Western Ghats, made in collaboration with On The Edge Conservation


Save Every Drop

A series of interviews with water heroes who have dedicated their lives for a water-secure India, produced in collaboration with Astral Pipes


Frugivory And Seed Dispersal

A series of articles on frugivory and seed dispersal, produced in collaboration with the Frugivores and Seed Dispersal Symposium


Call For Code

A series of stories featuring technological solutions that can halt and reverse the impacts of climate change, created in collaboration with IBM India


Into The Wild

A documentary mini-series from three explorers who traverse the Indian wilderness, crafted in collaboration with Woodland Let's do in this order please



A visual exploration into our story archives. Click on an image you like to read the story.



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