Hi, we’re delighted you want your work up on Nature inFocus.

The very reason this portal exists is to provide a platform for you to share your stories, images, experiences in the best possible manner. 

All your stories are welcome, we are here to help in narrating them in an engaging manner. 


Send us your submission via email on [email protected] (refer to the instructions below).


Our editorial team checks submissions every day and reviews the list every week (we make it a point to respond to every submission). Our ultimate obligation is to a reader so if the submission isn't relevant in that regard, we will reach out and help you narrate the story in a better manner. 

Please go through our website to familiarise yourself with the kind of sections we have. You can submit stories to us for any of these sections.

Since Nature inFocus is a photography-led website, the images you submit will be the mainstay for our selection process. The edit team is happy to help you put the story together, help write it as well, but we do insist that the photographs fit our aesthetic.


The good news is we are very flexible with formats. 

1. More than one photo with text

A series of photographs between 8 to 15 in number that succinctly illustrate an idea , without much help from the captions.

Each of the photographs in the series should be able to contribute something uniquely to the content of the story, while sticking to the narrative.

The photographs should preferably be horizontal taking into account the predilection of the web.

Include captions for each photograph. Make sure the information is accurate and truthful. If you don't know how to tell this story in words, our edit team is ready to help. 

2. Single picture story format

Have only one photo for the story? A photostory doesn't always need to be 12 photos long. Sometimes, one photo is enough. The photograph should be the story and strong enough to stand alone. 

The accompanying text (250-300 words depending on the section the photograph is intended for) should be elaborate, providing an entry into understanding the photograph. Backstories could be interesting anecdotes keeping the photograph as the canvas while despatches could describe what happened after the scene. Here too, our edit team will be happy to help you write it out. 

3. Listicle

A listicle format is best used if you have a catalogue of pictures that are disparate, yet can be tied together to form a cohesive story. About 10-12 pictures, accompanying captions and 100-150 words of text to go with each photograph should be sufficient.

4. Guide

Think you know everything there is to know about a little-known destination? Share it with our readers. We will send you a template once your pitch is accepted.


Size: Photographs should be in jpeg format at least 1920px on the longer side, irrespective of dpi/ ppi. File sizes should be kept under 2MB for easy transfers.

Cropping: Allowed, as long as it doesn’t compromise on the ratio, resolution and authenticity.

Post processing: Basic levels/ contrast and burning/ dodging are allowed without tampering the accuracy and integrity of the photograph. Realistic photographs (as the photographer had seen it) are preferred over HDR ones.


– While writing, try and focus on one angle of the story; trying to stuff it with too much information would just make it generic.

– If you think you have a great pitch but aren’t sure how to transform it into a great story, send us the brief anyway. Our edit team is always happy to help.

– Let us know when you travelled/ when you plan to travel to the place the story originates from.

– If you have already published this story elsewhere (even on a personal blog), please mention it to us.


All freelancers who write for us will share their work using only the Nature inFocus link/ site for until 3 weeks after it is published on Nature inFocus. After that they can upload on their own sites for promotion purposes. The same story cannot be sold or shared with other publications unless with written confirmation from Nature inFocus.

If a story has been commissioned as an assignment by Nature inFocus, where a team goes out and collects content exclusively for Nature inFocus, that content belongs to Nature inFocus.. Raw footage must be delivered to Nature inFocus. Contributors to that story can use the story for promotion using the Nature inFocus website as a source. After three months, they can upload on own platforms with a line stating "First written for and published by Nature inFocus" with a link back to the site.


Make sure your pitch includes the following information:


Email ID

Phone Number


Describe your story in one line

What format best fits your story?

What category on the site best fits your story?

Give us a detailed pitch (include angle and outline) in 100 words

Do you have high-resolution photos?

And finally, mail us at [email protected]