Nature inFocus Festival is a three-day event that brings together India's far-flung nature and wildlife community under one roof.

K. Ullas Karanth
Emeritus Director, Centre for Wildlife Studies
Dr. Ullas Karanth was originally trained as a mechanical engineer at the National Institute of Technology, Surathkal (1971), but changed careers pursue his deep passion for wildlife biology, obtaining a Master’s degree from the University of Florida, USA (1988) and a Doctorate from Mangalore University, India (1993). Dr. Karanth has conducted long-term research on the ecology of tigers, other predators and their prey in India and other parts of Asia. His areas of expertise include large carnivore ecology, modeling of animal populations as well as conservation biology and policy. He has published over 150 scientific papers in prestigious journals as well as numerous popular articles. He has authored/edited/co-edited several books in English: The Way of the Tiger (2001), Monitoring Tigers and their Prey (2002), A view from the Machan (2006), Tiger Tales (2007), Camera traps in Animal Ecology (2009), Science of Saving Tigers (2011), Science and Conservation of Animal Populations (2017) Methods for Monitoring Tiger and Prey Populations (2017), Growing up Karanth (2021) and most recently Among Tigers. He also has authored /coauthored the Kannada books Aranya Mattu Samaja (1982), Kaadupranigala Jadinalli (2001), Huliya Baduku and Hulirayana Akashavaani (2007). Dr. Karanth serves on the World Conservation Union's specialist groups on Cats, Bears, Elephants, Wild Cattle and Small Carnivores. He has served as a member of the Indian Government’s Forest Advisory Committee, National Tiger Conservation Authority and on the Governing Boards of the Wildlife Institute of India, WWF-India and the Liz Claiborne Foundation, New York. He has been active in the conservation arena for five decades.


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