Special Mention | Conservation Focus

Aakash Selvan

Special Mention | Conservation Focus

Manipur, India

Phumdi Puzzle

Found in the Loktak Lake of Manipur, phumdis are floating islands that are made up of soil and organic matter and are home to the endangered Sangai Deer. The aerial shot shows artificial phumdis or Athapums built as enclosures for aquaculture. Natural phumdis interact with the soil on the lake bed when the water levels dip in the dry season and gain nutrients for their growth. But with the construction of dams, artificial phumdis float on the water all year long, leading to eutrophication within the water body. Additionally, the proliferation of invasive plant species like water hyacinths and the use of insecticides within these artificial phumdis greatly harm the lake ecosystem, causing a multitude of issues for its inhabitants.


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