Note: Once a month, NiF will give the Editor's seat to a child. This child will assign us stories that we must deliver to you. These can be stories on their favourite species, a travel destination in the great outdoors, or a conservation issue they might want to discuss and tell their friends about. What will this do? It serves three purposes:  

One, it allows the child to think more deeply about the animals they like, why they enjoyed a particular nature spot, or even why they should think about conserving anything at all. 

Two, it allows their parents to participate in larger conversations about wildlife with children, and even have (a lot) of fun in edit meetings because, well, these are by default chaotic. Throw a spirited child in the mix, and it becomes the most fun way to spend a morning. 

Three, it allows a child to share these concerns and opinions with their friends and their parents. It sparks an interesting debate in their own circles, and makes them ambassadors for nature in their schools. Win win. 

This month's Guest Editor is seven-year-old Anshul Vaidya, who stunned us on multiple levels. One, he knew more about birds than a fair number of adults, and what he didn't, he wanted to get our experts to answer. Ground birds fascinate him, and so do travel stories. He described his trek to Harishchandragad in detail, and we were transported by his vivid descriptions. We suspect this storytelling skill stems from his ability and love for comics: reading them and drawing them. Anshul loves the outdoors, is curious, and asks hard questions that made us think about conservation and how we approach the wilderness. Just like any good Editor would. We were floored. We know you will be, too. 

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Anshul documents all the birds he sees in the most creative way.

Over to the editor:

Anshul's Editor's Note: 

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Anshul's Guest Editor stories: 

Trek Or Treat?: Editor Anshul Vaidya writes about his overnight trek to Harishchandragad, one of his favourite places to be.

The Stars Of The Sea: Marine biologist Vardhan Patankar tells us why starfish have been fascinating people for centuries.

Birds Of A Different Feather: Scientist P Jeganathan writes a letter explaining why ground birds prefer to feed and nest on the ground.

See, It’s A Sea Turtle! Also Starring Starfish: Bijal Vachharajani lets us in on a little tale that's all about beach creatures.