How a City Sacrificed a Sacred River to Serve the Demands of Fast Fashion

Aditi Rajagopal's mini-documentary is part of a series on the environment and climate change funded by Deutsche Welle, Germany's international broadcaster. It looks at poor policies, neglect and consumerism...and asks the question of who bears the brunt of it all. 

The report focuses on the 180km-long Noyyal river in Tamil Nadu, but the story could be, or could soon become, that of many other rivers in the Global South. Where once kingdoms rose and fell on their banks, these rivers now run as drains, filled with domestic, plastic and industrial waste - fuelled by a growing consumer market around the world.

Aditi Rajagopal - Video Journalist

Aditi Rajagopal

Video Journalist

Aditi Rajagopal is a video journalist based in Berlin, Germany, who focuses on stories of environmental justice. She posts as @padiborealis on Instagram.

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