Covid Relief For Soligas And Other Communities In Chamarajanagar District

Institute of Public Health, Bengaluru – To ensure appropriate health support to the Soliga tribal community in Chamarajanagar during the pandemic

by Institute of Public Health, Bengaluru

About the fundraiser:

The second wave of COVID-19 has overwhelmed the already frail public health infrastructure. Rural Karnataka is also witnessing a surge in COVID-19 cases and districts are in dire need of support to cope with this additional disease burden. Ensuring appropriate tribal health support during such challenging times is crucial. Our team in Chamarajanagar has been working closely with Vivekananda Girijana Kalyana Kendra (an NGO working for welfare, especially, health of tribal people in this region for four decades) and the Zilla Budakattu Girijana Abhivrudhhi Sangha (the tribal peoples’ collective at the district) to study and address inequities in health for these people. This crisis has impacted these people in multiple ways from posing challenges to accessing basic public services including health, to reaching vaccines and early testing and isolation for affected cases. This fundraiser is an attempt of this collaborative to raise resources to tackle these issues while reaching essential and urgent services to protect them from the COVID-19 pandemic. Indian citizens can donate to this fundraiser and help us reach this community meaningfully in this time of need.

How funds will be utilised:

Funds will be used to print information materials for communities to help tackle COVID-19 and dispel any misinformation. The funds will also be used to provide essentials like masks and sanitisers to frontline workers, forest department officials in the area.

Impact on the ground:

Communities including the Soligas in the Chamarajanagar district, especially in the remote tribal areas, would receive appropriate information to tackle COVID-19. Funds will also be used to help frontline workers with masks and sanitisers. A team on ground is working closely with the district health officials and has been providing technical support from the first wave of COVID-19. This support will help reach to the vulnerable communities and those caring for them.

Institute of Public Health, Bengaluru

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