Covid Relief In And Around Protected Areas

Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF) – To enable government and private estate hospitals in Valparai, Tamil Nadu to be more equipped to support the local population of 70,000 in their fight against COVID-19

by Nature Conservation Foundation

About the fundraiser:

We have been trying to equip both government and private estate hospitals on the Valparai Plateau, Tamil Nadu, in covid preparedness. We mostly escaped the first wave, and are coping through the second, but as cases continue, we are looking for support to continue to help the local population of about 70,000 people including estate workers, daily-wage labour, and members of tribal communities in the Anamalai Tiger Reserve.

How funds will be utilised:

The funds will be used for transport of donated oxygen concentrators and cylinders, other material like PPE, masks, face-shields, sanitisers, etc. for the hospital front-line staff. Supplies and transport of patients who are ill or for communities that are isolated.

  • Food supplies – ₹1,50,000
  • Transport – ₹2,00,000
  • Safety and hygiene consumables – ₹50,000

Impact on the ground:

The materials will be distributed to the Govt. Hospital, PHC, Covid-care Centre in Valparai and other smaller satellite towns nearby. In addition some of the supplies will be given to about 7-8 of the estate hospitals in this region. The food supplies will be mostly for the tribal communities so that they do not have to come to the markets to get their supplies. This assistance will cover about 70,000 people.

Nature Conservation Foundation

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