Kushal Mangal Kanha

Earth Focus Foundation – To build awareness and provide aid to communities around Kanha National Park severely affected by the second wave of COVID-19

by Earth Focus Foundation

About the fundraiser:

Given the lack of awareness, connectivity and medical infrastructure, tribal communities are particularly vulnerable to public health disasters like the COVID-19 pandemic. Amongst communities around Kanha National Park, misinformation and vaccine hesitancy are rampant. There is also limited preparedness for future challenges like the potential third wave of the virus.

Earth Focus is working with a coalition of local organisations, community champions and the district administration to build awareness and trust, reduce vaccine hesitancy and provide resources and medicines for early detection and treatment. Compassion and community engagement are at the centre of this work. Our campaign name, “Kushal Mangal Kanha” references a local expression for health and well-being.

How funds will be utilised:

  • Masks, sanitisers and immunity-boosting kits for community champions (₹ 1,00,000)
  • Oximeters and thermometers (₹ 70,000)
  • Critical medicine kits (₹ 70,000)
  • Logistics and transportation (₹ 40,000)
  • Communications (₹ 2,00,000)

Impact on the ground:

Increasing awareness and frontline response to COVID-19: Our community champions are using their networks of trust to increase awareness about COVID-19 and provide frontline services. They are disseminating communication materials to help families understand COVID-19 symptoms, precautionary measures, and locally available resources.
Reducing vaccine hesitancy: Community champions are using information networks and door to door campaigns to understand families’ concerns about vaccines, combat misinformation and share locally relevant analogies to encourage vaccinations.
Early detection of symptoms and monitoring of cases: To mitigate the fallout from the second wave of COVID-19 and prepare for future surges, community champions are working on early detection and screening, coordinating logistics for testing, and creating databases and monitoring systems for patients who test positive.
Better utilisation of medical infrastructure provided by the state and civil society: Through close collaboration with the local administration and civil society, we are encouraging community members to go through the formal channels to receive diagnosis and prescriptions. We have procured critical medicine kits that are available to patients who receive prescriptions from a doctor.

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Earth Focus Foundation

Earth Focus Foundation aims to shape a Kanha landscape where people and nature thrive. We take a community-centric approach to contextual education and nature-based livelihoods with 1,000+ families from the Baiga and Gond tribes around Kanha. Earth Focus is a Section 12A registered non-profit organisation and donations are eligible for 80G.