Disaster Relief For Fisher Communities In Lakshadweep

Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF) – To raise aid for the fishers in Lakshadweep who have been hit by the pandemic and Cyclone Tauktae which destroyed nearly 100 fishing boats

by Nature Conservation Foundation

About the fundraiser:

Fishers in Lakshadweep have faced a double hit. The pandemic has reduced their ability to fish and sell their produce to the market. A few weeks ago Cyclone Tauktae blew through the islands and destroyed nearly 100 fishing boats either completely or partially.

How funds will be utilised:

We will be coordinating with local fisher groups as well as local disaster relief groups in the islands to utilise the fund towards:

  • Repairing damaged boats in order for them to get back to their jobs soon
  • Providing financial support to those who need immediate repair of damaged houses
  • Supporting livelihoods of affected families that are severely in need of financial relief

Impact on the ground:

We will directly help 30+ families get back on their feet, provide immediate support for the structural safety of homes and give an intermediary fund while they get back to normal life.

Nature Conservation Foundation

At the Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF), our mission is to explore, understand, and conserve India’s wild spaces and species through research and responsible engagement with society. We believe in a world where nature and society can flourish together. Our efforts focus on trying to create models of conservation, conflict management and economic development that are respectful and inclusive of local human communities, and promote nature conservation, restoration, and sustainable development. In our conservation work, we stand for equity and inclusivity, and place high premium on responsible engagement with local people and ethical treatment of wild species. NCF’s team of scientists, conservationists, and field staff study and conserve highly endangered and charismatic species like snow leopards, hornbills, and elephants, and lesser-known ones like corals and rainforest trees. We work closely with local communities, governments, and the citizenry to better understand and conserve species and habitats. Currently, we carry out field work in eighteen states of India—from the high Himalaya to the coral islands of Lakshadweep, from the rainforests of the north-east to the montane grasslands of the Western Ghats. Complementing this are our nationwide efforts in nature education, citizen science, and outreach. Our work is rooted in long-term scientific research in ecology and society.


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