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If you are planning a trip to India's natural landscapes, you'll find these comprehensive travel guides a most useful resource.

Sunderbans National Park

The largest mangrove forest in the world is home to the Royal Bengal Tiger and harbours some of the subcontinent's most remarkable natural treasures

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Gandikota | Nature inFocus
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Take a trip to the Grand Canyon of India, a scenic retreat steeped in ancient history

Bidar | Nature inFocus
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A stunning grassland habitat in the Deccan Plateau and a cluster of droolworthy monuments make Bidar...

Dubare | Nature inFocus
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Not too far from popular Madikeri, the little-known forest of Dubare has plenty to offer in terms of...

National Chambal Sanctuary | Nature inFocus
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National Chambal Sanctuary

Once home to Phoolan Devi and Paan Singh Tomar, the National Chambal Sanctuary is now teeming with r...

Narara | Nature inFocus


Surround yourself with corals without diving underwater? You can, at the country's first Marine Nati...

Desert National Park | Nature inFocus

Desert National Park

Prepare to be amazed by the sheer abundance of wildlife that thrives in and around this land of wide...

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