Last month, on February 8, Marine Life of Mumbai turned a year old.  In this year, the founding team of three – Pradip Patade, Siddharth Chakravarty and Abhishek Jamalabad – grew into a tiny army, which is working towards documenting the incredibly rich biodiversity on Mumbai's shores. If you live in Mumbai, you've probably walked on its beaches numerous times, driven past the Haji Ali dargah more times than you'd care to remember, walked along Carter Road but chances are you haven't seen this wealth reveal itself with the retreating tide. 

Colourful sea sponges, sea anemone, crabs, even octopus and sea horses – at this bustling urban jungle’s doorstep, lies an entire forgotten marine world. And that is what we want to celebrate this Wildlife Day. The wildlife that lives among us, and is often overlooked.

Click through the photostory (above) to see 16 species that you'll be surprised to know you're sharing space with.