There are as many ways of looking at the sea as there are eyes in this world. Some divers search the blue constantly, on the lookout for large silvery fish such as tuna, mobulas and sharks. Others only look right under their noses, diligently scanning the sand for flounders and sting rays. Some are fascinated by the reefscape, enjoying the array of colours and the sunstreaks pouring through, while others spend half their dives upside down, searching beneath it for the shy fish that hide in crevices. 

As someone who has been diving for more than ten years, both as a scuba instructor and as a marine biologist studying the reefs in Lakshadweep, the Andaman Islands and San Diego, I have had the privilege of seeing the ocean from many different perspectives. None has inspired me more than the perspective of a talented photographer focusing his macro lens on the minute details that are almost entirely lost to the naked eye. These images have been captured over several years by Sumer Verma, one of the most gifted underwater photographers in the country. 

Some have been taken on thriving reefs cradled in the rich coral triangle, others on reefs that are now fields of rubble covered with dull macro algae – almost dead at first glance, revealing their beauty only to true believers who continue to seek out the god that is in the details. You’ll find technical tips from Sumer on shooting macros through the photo story. 

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