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Since 2014, Nature inFocus has been Asia’s premier nature and wildlife festival and a platform for passionate nature and wildlife photographers to showcase their work, learn from their peers, and highlight nature conservation. At Nature inFocus, we know that a photograph has the power to transport you to the moment in which it was taken and with each year we've attempted to bring relevant and inspiring work to you.

Over the years, we saw a need for a similar online platform where inspiring photographs and stories from the festival can be archived. How to best take the spirit and content online, without compromising the aesthetics of the stories?


Nature inFocus is a photo-led exploration into India’s wilderness. A democratic and definitive platform for sharing stories and photography that enables relevant knowledge-sharing and curation for everything nature.


The stories on Nature inFocus aim at bringing different threads together: Wildlife, news, trends, travel, conservation, people using photography, filmmaking and art as the format. You will find photographs that invite explorations and facilitate travel, but also meet the people behind these powerful images, and discover untold stories about conservation. We're looking to do work that is incisive, insightful and beautiful, not just about national parks and protected areas, but flowers, gardens, valleys, mountains, lakes, rivers, your own backyard, even.

Very simply, Nature inFocus aims to do what its name suggests: Put nature in focus. 


Anyone with a nature story to tell, really. This website welcomes content from anyone, that is, anyone who has a story to tell, and NiF's editorial promise will be to present these stories in the best way possible.

Here you will find inspiring stories, immersive experiences and sustainable connections that are by you, and for you. NiF is a platform that moves online only to ensure involvement, collaboration, comprehensiveness and alignment fuelled by relationships – by, for and to the communities.

Share your stories on this site. It could become a tool for people to fall in love with the wild, to discover and explore it, to find out what ails it, what delights it, and ultimately, how to protect it.

Want to submit a story to us? Follow these steps.


Rohit Varma – rohit [at]

Kalyan Varma – kalyan [at]

Radha Rangarajan – radha [at]

Nikhil Sreekandan – nikhil [at]


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