Photographs are not always created in forests. While travelling to a destination for work, I must be ready to shoot before I even get there. The camera need not stay in the bag until I am on safari because opportunities present themselves even when we don't expect them. I attempt to be open at all times so I am able to use any opportunity, no matter how minimal, and create interesting images. 

Take for example, shooting from flights. First, I always check if the airline has rules against photography in some air spaces; some carriers don't allow bags under the seats and some airports don't allow photography at all. The rules also state that passengers cannot shoot while embarking/ disembarking from the plane. So check before you shoot. 

After flying a route repeatedly, I am able to plan my images, complete with subject possibilities. I keep tissues handy to clean the  double-layered windows. The perfect time to get a good shot is when the plane turns on my side, and tilts a little, so the window pane – and the lens that is touching it – is close to parallel to the ground. In my experience, a wide angle lens is not suitable in this situation; a short tele-lens (24-120/ 70-200) works best without a polariser or any filter.  

But this is all detail. The most important thing is to observe, so repeated routes can lead to planning. Click through (above) to view the photo story.