A Future Without Water

Access to water has always been a pressing issue for far too many people around the world, but as our populations and demand increase, the question of how and where all of us will get water from is becoming critical for everyone. Formed nearly 15 years ago, the Indo-French Cell for Water Sciences brought together French and Indian scientists to research what might happen in the future. What is happening to all our water, from start to end? Will we have enough? Can we develop a sustainable usage system? This team looks at every aspect of the water system; from how much rain falls and where it ends up, to how much water the forests are using, farming practices, pollution levels and the impact of different ecosystems on water. The team treks and collects samples from pristine forests, talks to farmers and analyses water quality and usage, and utilises advanced satellite data to develop models for the current scenario. The formation of this truly multidisciplinary team has led to some amazing work and advances in our knowledge of water, which, so far, was shockingly understudied. This information is not only directly helping local people in the area, but has implications for all of us. This film was featured and screened at the International Science Film Festival (2016). Watch the full documentary. (http://www.john-rowell.com/h2o)

John Rowell - Research Scientist and Filmmaker

John Rowell

Research Scientist and Filmmaker

John Rowell is an active research scientist, photographer, and documentary film maker, currently based in Paris, France. His work has taken him around the globe, including 4 years in India (Bangalore) where he spent his time photographing the nature and wildlife. You can see more of his work here - http://www.john-rowell.com

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