How to Photograph in the Rains

The monsoons are here. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to put away your photography gear.  Yes, it can be intimidating to pick up your camera when it’s raining cats and dogs. Many aspiring shutterbugs prefer to put away their equipment and wait until the weather’s better. But actually, the monsoon offers some of the best opportunities to photograph nature at its finest. Don’t miss out. Here, a seasoned photographer shares all the tips you’ll ever need to make photos even when the sun doesn’t shine. Happy shooting!

Shreeram MV - Wildlife Photographer

Shreeram MV

Wildlife Photographer

Shreeram MV is a wildlife photographer, photography mentor and naturalist. He has travelled extensively across India to bring back stories about the myriad natural habitats, rich biodiversity and human interactions with nature. He posts as @mvshreeram on Instagram.

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