Into The Wild Series – In The Kingdom Of Leopards

This is the first story in a series of articles launched by Woodland and Nature inFocus, featuring stories and snapshots of explorers' journeys as they traverse the great Indian wilderness. Rajasthan is a place known for its cultural expanse and countless historic monuments. But tucked away in this land of forts and deserts is a small region with a unique story. The Jawai-Bera region is home to the nomadic Rabari tribe, who live in makeshift houses and who, for most of the year, travel across these lands with their herds of goats and sheep, looking for greener pastures. The Rabaris share their home with an elusive cat species – the Indian Leopard. Watch my journey into the 'Land of Leopards' here.

Shatabdi Chakrabarti - Independent Filmmaker

Shatabdi Chakrabarti

Independent Filmmaker

Shatabdi Chakrabarti has been a media professional for the past 14 years. She started her career with NDTV and has worked extensively in both the advertisement and documentary space. Her passion for photography has won her a number of accolades; she won the Conservation Issues category at the NiF Photography Awards 2018 and her work was exhibited at the India Art Fair 2019. Shatabdi writes for Tattoo Cultr, India’s only online tattoo magazine and has been researching the vanishing culture of traditional tattooing of Indian tribes. She posts as @shatabdi_chakrabarti on Instagram.

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