Into The Wild Series – Reminiscing Wetlands

This is the second story in a series of articles launched by Woodland and Nature inFocus, where we bring you stories and snapshots of explorers' journeys as they traverse the great Indian wilderness. Many years ago, as a young person interested in nature, wetlands were one of the first ‘wild’ habitats I visited. Follow my journey through some of the country's few remaining wetlands as we learn about these complex ecosystems and how they are important for our survival.

Sripad Sridhar - Wildlife and Documentary Filmmaker

Sripad Sridhar

Wildlife and Documentary Filmmaker

Sripad Sridhar is a wildlife and documentary filmmaker based out of Chennai, India. He has directed, cinematographed and edited numerous documentaries that have helped India’s leading wildlife conservation organisations represent and further their research. He has shot for international brands such as National Geographic Channel, Netflix, Animal Planet and many more. He enjoys teaching filmmaking when he is not travelling on shoots. He posts as @sripadsridhar on Instagram.

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