The Elephant In The Road

“There goes another elephant, walking down the road. Hope it doesn't stop at my fruit tree, like last time!" That's a thought people might have in Valparai, a town at the southern tip of India where elephants and people live closer than almost anywhere else on Earth.

In ep.1 of our awesome mini-doc series "Western Ghats on the Edge" — which is all about India's greatest EDGE Zone — we take you right there to Valparai. There's conflict and sometimes tragedy, but you can also see how people can live alongside these beautiful, curious, powerful creatures. What can we learn from that?

Shout out to the fantastic work undertaken by Nature Conservation Foundation, who are working in Valparai to reduce human/elephant conflict.

In collaboration with On The Edge Conservation, we are producing a seven-part documentary miniseries about the Western Ghats. Stay tuned as a new episode drops here every week, till the end of the year!

Read a detailed photostory on the elephants of the Anamalais, here.

Cover photograph by Ganesh Raghunathan

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