The Mighty Little Survivor

"Bears are coming out of the forests and down to the bakeries to see what's on offer." And they’re not the only ones.

Ep 2 of “Western Ghats On the Edge” has dropped! Meet a bird that’s lived for 5 million years in the “sky islands” of the Nilgiri Hills.

The Nilgiri Laughingthrush, which graces a national stamp in India, is a plucky little survivor with a haunting chirp and some very EDGEy plumage. But what does surviving mean these days? Radha Rangarajan and Adarsh Raju trek into the high-altitude shola-grassland habitats to find out, and the quest takes some unexpected turns.

In collaboration with the awesome team at On The Edge Conservation, we are producing a seven-part documentary miniseries about the Western Ghats. Tune back in next week for episode three and weekly drops until the end of the year!

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