The Purple Frog Mystery

"Why should you care about frogs?"

Here’s one big reason: they’re awesome!

Ep 3 of "Western Ghats On the Edge" takes you on a quest to find one of the world’s most elusive and bizarre amphibians, and EDGE superstar, the Purple Frog. Your guide this week is Sandeep Das, a wildlife biologist who has been studying the endangered Purple Frog for over a decade now.

In collaboration with the awesome team at On The Edge Conservation, we are producing a seven-part documentary miniseries about the Western Ghats. Tune back in next week for episode four and weekly drops until the end of the year!

Enter the Purple Frog’s world in a FREE hit mobile game 'Save the Purple Frog'. It’s super fun AND helps save endangered species. You'll find the link on

Cover image by Sandeep Das

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