Community Changemaker – Reesna Pardhi | Nature inFocus
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Community Changemaker – Reesna Pardhi

Meet the first woman from the Pardhi community, a traditional hunting tribe, to live away from home and take up the job of a nature guide

When Seasons Speak | Nature inFocus

When Seasons Speak

SeasonWatch: A citizen science project building awareness about the world around us by observing tre...

Where Citizens Meet Science | Nature inFocus
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Where Citizens Meet Science

Hey, you too can become an explorer of the unknown! Here's how

Sea Change: A Story From Sindhudurg | Nature inFocus
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Sea Change: A Story From Sindhudurg

Hope for India’s fisheries comes from the fishermen themselves, finds this marine researcher

Taking Root | Nature inFocus

Taking Root

Mountain environments are as harsh as they are beautiful. On International Mountain Day, a closer lo...

Tana Tapi: Pakke’s Pride | Nature inFocus
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Tana Tapi: Pakke’s Pride

Meet the award-winning forest officer from Arunachal Pradesh whose heroic conservation efforts have ...

Pulling At Destiny: The Shore Seiners Of Tamil Nadu | Nature inFocus
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Pulling At Destiny: The Shore Seiners Of Tamil Nadu

Over the years, this traditional fishing practice has fallen out of favour, yet some communities sti...

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