Winner | Wildscape & Animals in Their Habitat

Kapil Sharma,
Yogendra Satam

Winner | Wildscape & Animals in Their Habitat

Mumbai, Maharashtra


Barn Owls on window sills, inside abandoned buildings, chimneys or even in a mall! We have seen them all. The most widespread land bird species does not take its title lightly. But here, the bird seems to be seeking refuge in a rather unusual location. The camera trap image shows a Barn Owl flying into an abandoned Mumbai Police van. Well, if you are looking for a safe habitat!

Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma is a 22-year-old creative wildlife photographer from Mumbai who already has more than a decade of experience under his belt. He loves to convey a story through his images, irrespective of the subject. Kapil conducts photo tours across the country and specialises in DSLR camera trapping.

Yogendra Satam

Yogendra Satam is a Mumbai Police Constable who is also a wildlife enthusiast and an avid naturalist. Having lived near Aarey Colony, leopards have been a constant sight for him since childhood. He now works with wildlife photographer Kapil Sharma to monitor these urban felids. His tracking skills have contributed immensely to identifying locations for camera traps. He also assists the forest department in rescue operations and awareness programs.


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